Seven Strands Adventure: 10 Miles of NYC [5/23/15]

Okay, before I get started on this blog post I want to give you a little info. Back in September I started a new job in Brooklyn. While working there I met this lovely (hahaha) young woman named Marissa. Now, at first I didn’t know if we would be cool, besties, or mortal enemies. In turned out she was a decent semi-human. We quickly became fast friends. We talked and texted and found that she and I have a lot of things in common (we are both only children). Because we had so much in common we decided that we should start stacking up activities together. And so the “Seven Strands Adventures” began. How did we get the name? Well, it’s an inside joke. We believe that between us we only have seven strands of hair. Only because our hairs are so short. And that is the small intro!

Me & Marissa
The first of the series was a long day. We started our trip into the city at 1pm and didn’t get till about 11:30pm. We knew it was going to be a long day and I thought I was prepared for it but as you will find out, I wasn’t. We had great weather that day and I am happy that I listened to Marissa and brought a jacket. Please don’t tell her that I said that. I brought my backpack which was equipped with the essentials: wallet, makeup, lotion, selfie stick, two chargers, iPhone charger wires, and id. My feet on the other hand wasn’t prepared for this trip. I decided that it was a good idea to wear pink plastic sandals with the rubber or support. So, basically my feet were just hitting pavement all day long. I was to excited during the day to feel the damage but instantly felt it when we got back to the car. So, what did we have planned? IMG_7867We heard about the Lexington Ave Festival through a website and we talked about making it into a city adventure. It was great. There were a lot of vendors selling scarfs, sun glasses, sheets, sandals, dresses, and more. The food vendors were amazing. It was an array of food. The food ranged from Greek to Mexican to German and Thai. You named it and it probably was there. We didn’t really stuff our faces at the festivals, only because Marissa is slightly picky. I did indulge in a nice chicken Gyro.  I would have tried the lamb but it was questionable. The highlight was Marissa asking all the vendors what seasoning did their beef have. Everyone gave her side eyes. We spent some time at the festival. We tried on some sun glasses and ended buying the ones you see pictured above. We enjoyed people watching. That’s another thing that Marissa and I have in common, we both love people watching. And like true New York City fashion there was a lot of strange and funny things to see. I often wonder if people notice the things they put on. Like. are your really going out like that?

After we left the fair we headed over the Madison Square to the Madison Square Eats.

239 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011 (212) 243-9308
By the time we did all that walking and train riding we were famished. It also didn’t help that Marissa has us walking 8,000 miles for a restaurant that I doubted existed. Well, it turned out it did. It only took us about 5,000 years to get to it. Once we got there they asked us how many would be in our party. I said “possibly five” and the server said “three and five is a difference in table.” It seemed like he didnt want to sit us in the five person table. Mind you we were the ONLY people in the whole restaurant. We got our table. And the other people did not show up. I’m sure he was annoyed! Oh well! The food was pretty good. Some plates were  better than others. I would revisit just to have the potatoes and shrimp.

Pasticceria Rocco 243 Bleeker Street New York, NY 10014 Telephone (212) 242-5031
We headed to the Village to cap of our trip.We were heading to meet some friends at a bar when Marissa decided she needed a coffee. Can you guess what happened? She had me walking another 1,000 miles to an unspecified location. You will notice that Marissa leads me deeper into crazy adventures. It never ends. LOL =) But that in part why we make such good friends. So, we finally reached this place and well, it was worth the walk. We ate our dessert in a near by park and enjoyed the cool breeze. Very Hollywood movie type of evening. On our walk back to the village we found this amazing building. the address is literally 39 1/2!! WHAT?? As you can imagine we were beyond excited. We felt like we stepped into a Harry Potter movie. It was hysterical. Also, we bumped into two guys who collect stories and display them in the park and gallery’s. We spent some time reading some of the stories. They had put together the stories and made a book. Which can be bought anywhere books are sold. (The Strangers Project)

And that was our day! A lot to read. I know. Bare with me. I will start making it less play by play and more pictures.

We said our goodbye to the city and our adventure.
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One thought on “Seven Strands Adventure: 10 Miles of NYC [5/23/15]

  1. This sound like quite an adventure. It was a lot of fun to read about. New York City seems like the kind of place where you can have endless adventures! I have only been there a few times but have always enjoyed it. Can’t wait to read more?


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