Family Times: Washington Heights [5/24/15]

4141 Broadway New York, NY 10033

NEW SERIES: My happiness is directly connected to my family. Their happiness is the fabrication of everything that is in my life and the reasons for my decisions. This is just a glimpse of my love for them and how we spend our time together. You’ll quickly notice that we are a crazy bunch!!!

I always enjoy spending time with my family. We end up laughing, joking, and just having a good time 80% of the time. I won’t say 100% because we are mix family (Dominican an Italian) and our emotions go to both extremes. We try to make it a habit to go to the Bronx and visit my grandmother. We don’t do it as often as we want or should. When we do visit her it’s always amazing. We have our favorite place to eat, it’s a restaurant in Washington Heights.  We’ve been going there for years. On this visit we picked up my grandmother and godmother. It’s truly an amazing experience to be around my family. I don’t think I could bare to live this life without them. It’s more prevalent in the times we sit, eat, and talk together. And this time around it wasn’t any different. We usually sit with the same server. He is amazing. He’s hysterical and always gets our order correctly. You know what’s amazing? The service you get when you go to a Dominican restaurant.It’s a unique experience. Dominican servers talk to you like they have known you for years and seem to throw is wittiness and smart remarks with a side of avocado.

And that’s what makes this place a treat to go to. It also helps that we love the neighborhood. We usually always find a supermarket or beauty supply store and stock up on all the Dominican products we can’t find where we live. It’s fun to hear Bachata playing in the background, woman screaming down the block, and little children skipping around. It’s really a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Here is what makes these afternoons so much fun. My father is Italian and he’s more Dominican than my mother and grandmother combined. He loves the Dominican culture beyond thought.

IMG_7884I want to talk to you about the dessert you see above. THIS IS THE BEST DESSERT YOU WILL EVERY EAT IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!! I promise you. If you go just to eat the dessert you will leave happy! The heavenly treat you to see your left is flan. Now, I am sure you probably have tried flan at some point. And with that I am sure that you have had decent versions of it. This one here is utter perfection. It’s not overly sweet or runny. I will say that my grandmother makes a better version but for an outside place, NUMBER ONE!!!! Now, the one if the right……………that’s the one worth living for. It is a tres leche cake. It is by far the most amazing, incredible, life altering, mind blowing, soul breaking cake you will ever have! I promise you that it will be worth traveling for.

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