Seven Strands Adventure: Salty Dog & Battling [5/30/15]

7509 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY (718) 238-0030
Dance battling is real. No, like for real. People are actually battling at clubs/bars. I always thought that it was something that only happens on TV or movies. I wasn’t expecting to ever see it in real life. Especially in a bar, in Brooklyn, and with people you would never expect it from. Let me clarify what I’m saying. There was something disconnected about watching a white guy shaking his noddle legs to techno music while fist pumping. It was a magical experience. It was just the combination of hair gel, tan skinned, sweat, liquor, and mean grilling to techno music that threw me off. I couldn’t find the right reaction.  

 I had such a good time though. There was also a girl there cracking her hips so hard and so desperately that I thought she was having a seizure. I have a serious question, if you know you can’t dance then why throw your body about like somehow it will all make sense? IT NEVER DOES!! I assure you, it never does!! The music was a wonderful schizophrenic blend of techno, hip hop, rave, and Spanish music. It was a one of a kind experience. 


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