Disappearing Act

Hello blog world. I’ve disappeared for some time. I promise it’s for a really good reason. I’ve been busy living this year to the fullest.

I’m so happy with how this year has turned out. I have experienced so many new things and been to so many concerts. I wanted to use this blog as a way to capture all the moments and share them with the world. It didn’t happen. I won’t beat myself about it. I would like to try to get back into this again.

So, if you’re still out there please stick with me.


  1. I’m a vegetarian now
  2. The number of pets I own has grown
  3. I landed a new job
  4. I cut off my nails

I would like to catch you up on all the activities I did this year. I’m thinking of doing it through a series of Flashback Friday’s. I also want to include different types of contents for the page.


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