Happy Sunday!

It’s almost the start of a new week and I can’t wait to continue this journey. I have officially changed my blog name. From today on you will be able to find me at

I’ve been working on a few things behind the scene but I am officially announce the blog address. There are some other things in the works that I can’t talk about but it’s going to be pretty fantastic. I’m still looking for a web designer that will take my page to another level. I have a certain look I am looking for and I need someone that will capture it. I also need a graphic designer. I need for everything to be perfect.

The long of it all is that this website it still a work in progress. I’m working hard on content and a decent schedule.

Right now my plan is to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each day being a certain topic. For example; Monday is on Beauty products, Wednesday is on vegan food. Things like that.

I’m excited to report that I’ve made the jump into full time plant based diet. 100% vegan. I have removed all products that are not vegan from my food pantry and I am in the process of doing the same with my beauty and body products.

Tomorrow I will be posting a small recap of 2016 =)


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