Subscription Boxes

I knew that taking the plunge into veganism was going to be difficult. I had to make really important and life altering decisions. I needed to decide if I was going to apply a vegan lifestyle with just my food or with beauty and wellness products as well. After deep thought I decided that I needed to make a WHOLE lifestyle change. The food part I knew would be easy. I needed to eliminate animal flesh and by products from my diet. Done. I didn’t know how intense the process was going to be to change beauty products.


I didn’t have any sort of knowledge about vegan beauty products. And I really didn’t have the tools or mind set to do the necessary research. I signed up for three beauty box subscription boxes.  VeganCuts, Petis Vours, and Birchbox. Two of the three are 100% vegan products. Birchbox isnt vegan. Some of the products that they send are cruelty free. I look through the products and use the ones I feel are okay to use. I’ve already received two boxes per subscription.

I’m thinking Monday can be subscription box/ beauty products. We will see how it works out with delivery.

This is the system that i am using to organized all the items that I receive. I promise to come up with a system of reviewing the items and coming up with fun and interactive ways to use these items.


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