Vegan Spa Day
 I’m obessed with getting my nails done. I dont like to have them without nail polish. I use to have my nails wrapped in arcylic and they use to be pretty long. Then one day I decided that I wanted to have them short and start getting them to a natural state. I”ve been getting gel maniscures since that day. It’s been about 3 months now. I’m not sure if I’m 100% sold on gel manicures because of the numerous reports I’ve read about it being bad for your nails and possibly causing skin cancer but reach lad nail polish comes off. Now, I don’t know about you but once I have a small chip on one nail I have to rip them all off. It doesn’t make any sense, I know.

  I’ve decided that until I find the perfect vegan nail polish that can handle a full life without chipping I will continue my gel manicures. I recently found out that gel manicures have animal products and are not cruelty free. So, I researched and researched vegan gel manicures and found a few options:

  1. Madam Glam, $19.95
  2. Nubar, $24
  3. FingerPaints, $11

They offer great long lasting options than regular nail polish. I would love to find a regular nail polish that last more than 2 days before it chips. I’ll continue my quest.

In the meantime I’ll enjoy my little spa day at the nail salon. Normally I would go to a local nail salon and get a gel manicure. When I found out some the regular gel manicures are not vegan/ cruelty free I made the decison to stop using it. 

  I found a local spa that does vegan gel manicures. It was a beautiful experience. They offered amazing service and to was a very relaxing environment. They are full service spa in Brooklyn, New York. They offer a hefty range of natural full beauty spa treatments. On my recent trip I only did a vegan gel manicure. I’ll be exploring their pedicure and other vegan options. Once I’ve sampled all their option I will do an in depth review. I’ve had the manicure for a week already and they are still perfect. I usually need to go every two weeks exactly because there are signs of chipping. I am going to see how long the vegan version lasts. 

Check out these two links to find out more about gel manicures: 


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