Karrueche Tran vs. Kylie Jenner 

Name:  Kylie’s brand first started as Lip Kit By Kylie and now its Kylie Cosmetics. I’m under the impression that she changed the name because she plans to venture off into other avenues for her beauty line. Karrueche teamed up with ColourPop and created a line called KaePop. I think it’s really cute.

Packaging: Kylie’s packaging is definitely unique. It’s true to her brand and its super pretty. I love the color dripping off the lips and the seductive allure to it. I think it’s pretty enough to keep. I store the lipstick and the lip liner inside the box. Karrueche’s packaging is cute. One side you have her name and the other side you have the name of the product. There’s really nothing much else to it. I really think it could have been something really cute.

Price: Kylie’s lipstick and lip liner is $29, its sold as a unit. As of right now you cannot buy the items separately. That’s a shame since the lip liner goes faster than the lipstick.  Karrueche’s are sold separately. The lipstick is $6 and the lip liner is $5. It’s a really great price for quality products. What I love about Karrueche’s line is the fact that it’s priced to accommodate different budgets. It’s not a way to take advantage of a status to make more money. It’s a great product at a great price.

Smell: Kylie’s lipstick has a sweet scent and Karrueche has none.

Vegan/Cruelty Free: According to Colour Pop’s FAQ page is says that the majority of their products are vegan with some exceptions. They go on to list the items that are not vegan. For Karrueche’s line the only one that isn’t vegan is Beverly- Super Shock Shadow (KaePop). I contacted Kylie’s customer service email and they said “Everything is Vegan for Kylie Jenner’s lip kit EXCEPT Candy K. We do not test on animals.” So, that’s gives us a clear answer 🙂 now, we will see if they will be selling overseas and to where. 

Color: I ordered “True Brown” from Kylie’s line. As you can see from the picture it’s really a true brown color. I’ve been on the quest for a matte brown lipstick for months. And the level of excitement I got when I saw the color was beyond anything in life. It’s really the perfect dark brown. I decided on “Kae” from Karrueche’s line, a softer dark brown. The color inside the container is different when applied and even more different when it dries. I love how it has a small pinkish tint to it. It’s dark brown with out being overtly so.

Texture: Both lipsticks are liquid matte colors. I love matte lipsticks. Because I have very full lips I always feel very aware of my lips whenever its glossy or shiny. So, matte colors allow me to put lipsticks on without feeling ridiculous. When you apply both lipsticks on they go on very smoothly and with full coverage. You only need one application for both colors. What I didn’t like about both lipsticks is how dry the colors looked after application. Now, I know what you’re thinking. It’s matte lipstick. Here’s the thing, there needs to be a nice balance between matte and moisture. So, they both dried terribly for me. They way I got around it is by applying Crazy Rumor lip balm underneath the lipstick. It offered a nice about of mositure without effecting the look of the color.

Wear: Both color last a very long time without reapplication. I was able to wear both colors for about 5-6 hours without needing another coat. That’s with eating, drinking, and biting on pen.

Overall: Karrueche gets the upper hand here. Her price, color and vegan stance make it a winner. {Image Credit By ColourPop.com} Click below to check out the whole collection.



[Image Credit by kyliecosmetics.com}

I’ll do another match up when I sample for of their products!


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