Subscription Box Review: Birchbox

I subscribed to three monthly beauty subscription boxes. I will be reviewing all three of them each month. Birchbox is the only beauty box that isn’t exclusively vegan. They do offer some vegan/cruelty free options. I will only be trying out those products. What I love about Birchbox is their boxes. I save them. I don’t know what I am saving them for but they are too pretty to get rid of. Check out my post “Subscription Boxes” to see how I got involved and a sneak peak on how I organize all the products  I get.

Birchbox ($10/month)

 1. Beauty Protector | $21.95, full size
100% vegan • I had the chance to try this detangler once. It’s a sample version so there wasn’t much product but I was able to detangle my hair. I usually use coconut oil to finger detangle my hair because it adds a lot of moisture. But I decided to try this out. First, let me talk about the smell!!! It’s absolutely amazing. It’s slightly floral without making you feel like you walked into a botanical garden. Second, a little goes a long way. I section my hair off into six parts. Has I tackled each section I sprayed it at the roots and a small amount on the ends. Using my fingers I worked the product in and detangled my hair as usual. I have very thick and curly hair and I feel like it offered E night moisture to properly detangle my hair without breaking it. And finally, it left my hair feeling silky and non-greasy. It’s definitely a product I will be purchasing!

2. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm– Hibiscus | $7, full size

Not Vegan• Contains beeswax• because the item isn’t vegan I didn’t try it.

3. Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara | $24, full size

False Claim: Not Tested on Animals • Please Read >Here<  I didn’t try the product because it’s not FULLY honest about its “cruelty free” stance.

4. Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer | $36, full size

Cruelty Free• Vegan • Non-GMO• I was able to use this product a few times. Maybe for a little over a week. A little goes a long way for full converge. I used it twice a day, at night and during the day. I really loved it as a night time moisturizer. It was thick enough to offer lasting moisture all night but not overwhelming that I was bathing in grease. 

5. Not Soap, Radio Body Wash – Liquid Freud | $16, full size

Cruelty Free • Vegan• I used the body wash as a bubble bath. It smelled great. As soon as the soap hit the hot water it literally filled the room with its sweet scent. It wasn’t overwhelming or annoyingly pungent. It was the perfect balance. The bubbles lasted for almost as long as the whole bath. After I used the soap as regular soap and I loved that it made a lot of suds. After using it the scent lasted for about 3/4 hours which I thought was pretty decent.


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