Subscription Box Review: Vegan Cuts 

VeganCuts is a FULLY vegan beauty subscription box. They offer 4-7 beauty products  per month. It cost $19.95 per month. I noticed that the value of the items well exceed the cost each month. This month’s box values at $52.95 =) A M A Z I N G! It’s the best valued box so far! Also, I love how all the products are items that I can actually use and that fit into my life. I hate having useless products in my cabinet. You can purchase the products from VeganCuts or go directly to the product website. I have linked the items below.

Also, as a extra note: VeganCuts offer another monthly subscription box, $19.96 per month, that has to do with vegan food products. I do plan on subscribing to it but right now I’m doing too much! There are also some other vegan subscription boxes that I want to try. I’ll make a whole post about that another time.  DISCLAIMER: By clicking on the link I do not make any money nor have I been asked to link to the product. It it simply an easy route for you to get straight and easy access to the products I sampled.

 1. 100% Pure Creamstick Liner | $18

I really LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this cream liner. It’s perfect. I’ve been using it everyday for a week now. First, the color glides on smoothly on the skin. It didn’t take much pressure to apply the product which is really nice. I find that when you press hard it causes clumps. The colors blend in without much effort. You can create a nice soft smokey eye with both colors. It doesn’t take much to blend the colors in. I was really surprised how pigmented the colors were. I was expecting it to be pretty light. You can keep adding layers to it to create deeper layers and a fuller look. I also was surprised how long the color lasted. I put it on for work at 7am and 10 hrs later I’m still ready to go. Will be purchasing!!  They have another dual color stick that I’m going crazy for. Check it out >here< @100percentpure (Twitter & Instagram)

2. The Wonder Seed Facial Cream | $16.95

I’ve had the chance to try the facial cream twice a day for a week. I love the soft floral earth scent is cream has. It’s beautifully formulated in a way that won’t drive you insane. It has a very thick and creamy consistency whic was very nice. You only need a dime size amount to obtain full coverage. While wearing it during the day I felt it was a little oily. As the days went on the oliness went away. I’d use it as a traveling face cream. I’m not sure I’d use it everyday. But, I will continue to use it. Maybe it will grow on me. | @thewonderseed (Twitter & Instagram)

3. Harvey Prince Organics Perfume | $23

Can we please talk about how amazing this fragrance is! I’m normally not attracted to sweet scents. But this is done so beautifully perfect that it literally gives me life. It’s not your normal spray bottle perfume, it’s a roll on. I love roll on perfumes are great. They last longer than spray on perfumes because they get into the skin and blend in with the oils on the body.  | @harveyprince (Twitter & Instagram)

4. Tara Smith Skincare Hair Serum | $13

I’m not usually a big fan of serums. I have slightly oily hair so putting anything that gives shine is not something I do. I tried the serum and I have mixed feelings about it. I love that it smells really nice. It doesn’t have an artificial smell.  When I tried the serum it felt like all other serums, slippery. You truly only need a small amount of serum for your hair. When I applied it to my hair it left it shiny and soft. But then a few hours later it was just limp dead shiny hair. I know it’s not the product it self, it’s my hair. I won’t repurchase because hair serums don’t work well on my hair. 

@tarasmithhair (Twitter) @tarasmithhaircare (Instagram)


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