Summer Nails in Spring

Neon Yellow I’m not real big fan of bright colors. Like, it’s really rare to ever find me in anything but dark nails. But, I’ve been obsessing over bright yellow nails. I think I”m just desperate for warm weather. Maybe wearing bright nails will bring it! So, here’s a short post on maintain healthy nails: … More Summer Nails in Spring


Sunday Inspiration

 It’s a beautiful Sunday and there’s nothing better than waking up to the smell of coffee and cats. Well, maybe the cat part isn’t so amazing. But I do love waking up next to my babies They really make the mornings interesting. This little guy is my baby Luca. He’s absolutely one of the best … More Sunday Inspiration

Subscription Box Review: Birchbox (March) 

It’s time for March’s Birchbox subscription box review. I love Birchbox for two reason: 1. their boxes are beautiful. I haven’t seen another subscription box that offers such beautifully printed boxes. I’m saving all of them for a future project I have in mind. 2. They offer vegan products in their boxes. That’s always a … More Subscription Box Review: Birchbox (March) 

Essential Oils 

  What are essential oils?  Essential oils are tiny pockets of fragrance that are made inside and stored in sacs in leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, and twigs. These essential oils give plants their perfumes. These oils aren’t just a way for flowers to make the earth smell good, they offer plants protection from bacteria and fungi. … More Essential Oils 

Monday Motivation

  Happy Monday darling readers. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. The weather in New York has been refreshingly beautiful. Today we woke up to clouds & rain but Mother Nature needs to drink as well. I hope everyone is having a great start! I’ve recently became credit card debt free and I’m excited … More Monday Motivation