Monday Motivation


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Happy Monday darling readers. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. The weather in New York has been refreshingly beautiful. Today we woke up to clouds & rain but Mother Nature needs to drink as well. I hope everyone is having a great start!

I’ve recently became credit card debt free and I’m excited to start the next venture in my life: home ownership! I’m in the process now of saving money to buy a home. So, obviously I want to start thinking about what I want my kitchen to look like. I want to start seeing my future so I can bring it to life.

I’ve never been a person to want mansions or big homes. I want something simple, small, and sweet. I want land! Land!!!!!!! I would love to grow my own garden and have vegetables and fruits growing out of every part of my yard. That’s not much to ask for. Is it?  I’m looking forward to make it part of my life. I would like to provide myself with all the vegetable and fruits with out buying from a farmers market. I’m going to see how that works about because I would need so much land for that dream to happen.


It’s almost near impossible to find a piece of property in New York City that gives you a decent plot of land.  So, it’s about optimizing the small place you do get. Here are some pictures of what I’m looking into.




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