Spring in the Classroom

It’s finally Wednesday. We are half way through the week and I’m in full Spring mood. I teach 2 and 3 year olds.  The kids and I are super excited that the sun is shinning and we can spend more time outside. The kids love to explore their environment and they love to get their hands dirty. So, in preparation of the upcoming spring season, the kids and I have started going out on neighborhood walks. I want them to start identifying their surroundings and noticing the changes around them. So far we have noticed leaves growing on the trees, birds are outside singing songs, and grass is growing. They are truly enjoying seeing their surrounding change. I’ve prepared different stations in the classroom so that we can see the changes first hand. We will be starting the “Spring: Plants & Flowers” unit April 1st.
(Above picture) Growing station: We will be growing onions, celery, and sweet potato. The object of the growing station is for the kids to see these items grow right in front of them. The kids have been asking me so many questions about the items inside the jar. They are really beaming with excitement. You would be surprised how smart and how much information is inside these little minds. One of my students asked me “Ms. Sharon, will the flow grow from the water?” The fact that he was able to ask such a thoughtful question lets me know they are ready.

(Picture on Left) What do plants look like?: This is the main display area of the classroom. We will be going the different parts of plans/flowers and how each part helps a plant/flower grow. Some of the kids in my class already know the parts. Also, I will attempt to go over a simple version of how the sun gives the flower “food” and the role of roots. Do you guys have an suggestions?

(Picture on Right) Planting Station:  I most excited about this station. I have asked parents to bring in the following items: package of flower seeds, small decorative item, and a wallet size photo. I am going to assign each child (18 kids) a pocket so they can plant their seeds. I will attach the name of the flower seeds with a picture of the kid. They will be able to see their own plant grow and show their parents the process they have made. The kids will be in charge of reminding me to water the plants. We will also include checking on the plants as part of our morning circle routine. We will also record the progress of each plant growth on a chart I am working on. Once all the flowers grow in this wall is going to look amazing.

I’m nervous about messing this whole project up and not having the kids flowers grow. I feel like I’m going to need a trip to Barnes and Noble to pick up a book for planting and growing flowers. I will say that I’ve kept these plants alive for a while now. Maybe I did grow a green thumb.

Here are a few sites I’ve been using as reference for these project ideas. If you guys have ideas about improving this unit then let me know in the comments below.

** I will be posting my lesson plans for this unit.**


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