Sunday Inspiration

 It’s a beautiful Sunday and there’s nothing better than waking up to the smell of coffee and cats. Well, maybe the cat part isn’t so amazing. But I do love waking up next to my babies They really make the mornings interesting. This little guy is my baby Luca. He’s absolutely one of the best cats ever.

I usually like to spend my day cleaning and getting things ready for the week. I’m a preschool teacher so there’s never any real down time. But today I decided to start my morning different. I put on some nature sounds and sat crossed legged on my bed. I tried to zone into the sounds and take deep and purposeful breaths.  I stretched my arms and back and relaxed my body. I sat that way for 15-20 minutes. I enjoyed the stillness of that moment. I didn’t try to think of anything in particular. I allowed my mind to go blank and focused on just the sound of the birds and splashing waters. It was amazing. it was a very unique experience and something that I want to do every morning. Allowing myself a short time to reflect on nothing really prepared my for the day.

Afterwards I felt in tuned with my body and ready for the day. My body felt energized and vibrant. So, this had me thinking about meditation. I’ve never tried it before or really know any information about it. But since i am trying to heal myself from the inside out I decided to give it look.  I’ve been doing some research and I’m going to incorporate some of the simple and practical steps. I will write a separate post about the stuff I found.




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