Food Fact Friday 


📷 credit: Emma Bryce
  The facts don’t lie. It’s important to nourish your body with the proper fuel to keep it healthy & moving. I’ve never given much thought about the quality of the calories I intake. Since changing my lifestyle I’ve noticed a big difference in the amount and quality of food I introduced in my life. I’m a lot more aware of how the food effects my body, how it keeps me nourished, and how it changes my relationship with food. I’m so awed by the information I’ve been reading. Food has such an impact in our life. So it’s important that we take advantage of the nutritional value it has but also how we can maximize its benefits. 

 The New York Times published an article about a documentary that targets important questions. I’ll be watching it over the weekend and writing a review about it. Look out for it sometime next week. 

I’m still doing research and figuring out how this all pieces together. 


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