Food Fact Friday 

All hail the mighty and delicious avocado! Growing up in a Spanish home you couldn’t turn around without finding an avocado. I’ve been eating it since I was fresh out of my mom’s stomach. Having always been around avocado I’ve never thought about the health benefits they offer. It’s been that yummy green pile of mush I’d eat with my rice and beans. But since stating my vegan journey I’ve had the opportunity to research the food I’m eating and making better choices for myself. There’s so much information on avacods. I’ve been reading add reading and looking through studies and dats about their benefits. I’d probably break the blog just writing avocados. To filter through a lot of the information out there, I’m including some basic and important facts:

It seems like everyone is obsessed with avocados too. I’ve seen so many recipes. I posted a recipe with avocados. Check it out here >Avocado Pasta w/ Sun Dried Tomatoes<


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