Transformation Tuesday

  Happy Tuesday everyone! 

I hope everyone had an exciting weekend. I sure did. My mother went into the hospital for an asthma attack. She is doing well now, thank God! So, needless to say I wasn’t able to post something yesterday with all the drama of the weekend. But here I am with something a little different. I want to talk about some of the goals I want to accomplish. I want to transform into a better version of myself. 

Short Term:

  1. Pay off college loans 
  2. Try to incorporate 10-20% raw foods 
  3. Visit Canada 

I’m coming to the end of my 20s and it’s a little emotional. I’m trying to figure out what I want my 30s to look like. I’ve spent so much of my 20s chasing a version of my that was acceptable to other people. I never thought about my needs and how I could accomplish them. So, I want my 30s to be different. I want it to mean something more than just a spree of wasted years of doubt, drinks, and baggage. 

I’m trying to reflect on the last 9 years and come to terms that the choices I’ve made me. It’s allowed me to grow stronger and develop a thicker skin. So, I’m left trying to ask myself: what do you want? I want to be happy. Like, the happiness that you only get my fulling yourself. And the vegan journey is part of that. Being part of the culture that brainwashes you into thinking meat and animal cruelty of okay isn’t acceptable to me. It’s not something that I want my life legacy to be associated with. And so the journey starts. The journey of reinventing myself and discovering the me that I’ve been trying to hard to find. 

What are my long term goals? Well, 

  1. Be 100% integrated into Veganism 
  2. Buy a home 
  3. Start a family 
  4. Get my masters 
  5. Forgive the people that have hurt me the most. 
  6. Make new vegan & like minded friends 
  7. Make this blog successful 
  8. Find peace 

Those are just some of my goals. I think my list has 100 things on it. And I won’t list them because some are personal. I want to try new things, discover new places, and get use to the life I’m suppose to have. 



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