Subscription Box Review: Vegan Cuts (March) 

 VeganCuts is a FULLY vegan beauty subscription box. They offer 4-7 beauty products  per month. It cost $19.95 per month.

EARTHLAB COSMETICS | $20 I’ve had the chance to use Earth Lab’s mineral pencil a few times  and I love it! Its applies smoothly and last a long time. The only thing that I didn’t like is I had to apply 3 layers in order to get my desired coloring. I guess that’s a a trade off for lasting sexy eyes. Sometimes my eyes are sensative and will tear up when I apply eyeliner but it didn’t happen when I used this eyeliner.  I’m really falling in love with Earthlab.

SHEA RADIANCE | $5   Is there any way I bathe in a tub full of this soap? Like, I want to just live inside the tub and never get out. Can you tell that I love this soap? This soap is amazing. First, it smells great. It’s a perfect combination between earthy woody scent mixed with a small touch of lemony undertone. I’m not really good at describing smells, yet. I promise to get better! Bare with me. Second, it left my skin feeling so soft. It felt clean and moisturized without adding a layer of oiliness that comes with some soaps. Anything with shea butter is instantly a win for me. I’m always looking for products that have it included in their ingredients.

DERMORGANIC | $10 I didn’t use this product in the way it’s suppose to be used. I don’t use heat on my hair. I allow my hair to curl and create it’s own pattern. I used it a hair detangler. And I’m impressed by it. I did use almost all the product in my hair to take all the knots out. So, on a finical stand point I don’t know how practical it would be for me to use. It smells so good and part of my was sad that I needed to wash it out.

PACIFICA | $12 I absolutely adore Pacifica. They offer quality products that are vegan, cruelty free, and fairly priced. There hasn’t been an item I’ve bought that I haven’t loved. This roll on perfume is no different. I’ve worn it multiple times and only used about a quarter inch worth of product. It’s beautifully scented. It’s as if you walked into a tropical beach oiled in sun tanning lotion and sipping on a pina colada. I will give this small piece of advice. You’ll need the lotion to pair with the roll on perfume. Using the roll on alone will not give you long a long lasting scent. It doesn’t last long on it’s own. But it’s because only a small amount rolls on at a time. You’ll need about 4-5 layers in order to get the right about of fragrance. It’s worth having inside your bag. It’s a quick pick me up after a long day at work and your heading out for a few drinks with your friends.Check out my post about my love for Pacifica > H E R E <

OCTOBER FIELDS | $1 I’m an avid candle burner.  I’ve always bought traditional candles and never thought about switching to something else. So, it was a real treat to see a candle sample inside this months box. I put the candle on while I was cleaning on a Saturday and within 10 minutes my whole room was filled with this beautiful soft aroma. It was magical. I let it burn for about 2-3 hours and I didn’t use up the sample. That’s pretty great because it means that it burns slowly while offering full body into the room. I’m planing on purchasing the larger size.

EVERCLĒN | $20 Eye creams. Oh the ever indulgent small bottle of anti aging miracle workings. I gave the eye cream a try for a week. Now, I have to say this about eye creams as a whole.I don’t have any real purpose for it.  I don’t normally use eye creams as part of my daily beauty routine. I don’t have an particular use for them. The only time I used eye creams is when I’ve had a rough week and my eyes are looking pretty ugly and heavy. Or if my skin is particularly dry and chapping. Having said that, I used this eye cream for a week. I didn’t see much a difference in a week. I did like the consistency of the product and the fact that it didn’t have an fragrance.  I’ll continue using it and report back to you.



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