Food Fact Friday

  All hail the mighty raspberry! 🙂 No, seriously… Raspberry is the most amazing fruit on the planet. I’m a little bias, it’s my favorite. But, I’m particular about how I like my raspberries. I don’t like things “flavored” like raspberries. For example, if I buy a lollipop it can’t be raspberry flavored. I think it’s pretty gross. You can freeze a raspberry & hand it over to me and call it a day though.   

I also love raspberry soda. Now, here’s where I’ll bite on my words a little bit. There are two raspberry flavored sodas that I love. Now, I will say that I was raised on these two sodas. Both sodas are popular in Latin American culture, Dominican particularly. The one below is my favorite. The other one is from the brand Goodo. 


I needed to see what sort of health benefits raspberries could offer to me since I’m always Munching on them. I turned up some really interesting and amazing facts. Take a look:   

Who knew that these small and adorably delicious fruits could offer so many benefits. I’m trying to find new ways to add raspberries into almost all my meals. I can see how it might be difficult when you’re planning dinners.   And it get more fantastical!  Raspberries are literally a powerhouse of nutrients and health benefits.  

Here are some recipes using raspberries: All these recipes come from this great website/blog I follow. They are producing absolutely delicious vegan recipes that are easy, fast, and scrumptious. They just released a cook book, I’ve purchased already. Make sure to check out the page and buy the cookbook. I know you’ll love it. 
And stay tuned as I go through the recipes and give my reviews 🙂 


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