Vitamins & Me 

Vitamins. I don’t like taking pills. I’ve never been one to easily pop pills and try things. But I noticed that my body needed an extra boost of fuel. So, a close friend of mine told me about this line of vitamins. Of course I said yes. She assured me that these two vitamins are vegan. 

Now, I’m not fully convinced that vitamins are the real answer to what I’m looking for. But it’s something that I want to try. I want to see how my body reacts to these vitamins. The bottle says to take 4 pills (each) per day. I fee like that’s a little excessive and will not be taking that many pills. I’ve decided to take two pills (each) per day. I’m going to divide it in to AM and PM. 

Last weekend I went the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival and learned a lot about this journey I’m in. And one of the things I’ve learned is that vitamins are NOT a cure all or even necessary item. We are fully capable of ingesting all the vitamins we need from a well balanced plant based diet. Although, if you are vegan you should take B12 and maybe a low dosage of vitamin D during the winter. 

Vitamins are a complex network and need to be well planned. Always consult your doctor before starting any vitamin.

Read a little bit more about vitamins here on a WebMd article. Recent studies have pointed out that multi vitamins aren’t as beneficial as we all thought. That’s a little disconcerning. Then why are there so many brands, companies, and stories pushing these vitamins in out lives? I need to do more research. It must be a growing thought though. At the VegFest one of the speakers said vitamins aren’t really important. 

I usually post a Food Fact Friday post but decided to try something else. But here’s a little food fact! 🙂 let’s power the brain so all the information we learn can infiltrate our minds. 


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