Meatless Monday: Vegan Eggs & Mangú

Blessed Monday friends! Did you lovely people have a great weekend? Well, I hope that it was filled with love, happiness, and fun. It’s another meatless Monday post. And it’s one of the dishes I love!! Mangú so, what is it? 

Mangú is a typical Dominican breakfast side dish. It’s made up of boiled plantain that are mashed together. It’s usually served with red onions on top. Check out more about the origin of Mangú & some tidbits of Dominican culture at Uptown Collective. 

Normally, mangú is served with queso frito (friend cheese) salami, and eggs.  For obvious reasons I can’t have that meal. And although I love the decision I made to be vegan, I miss this meal. There’s a lot about my culture that I miss that I had to give up because of my Veganism. It’s my hope that still enjoy those simple things without giving up my Veganism.  ⬇️ one theory of where the name mangú came from⬇️ 

The word came after a US marine exclaimed “Man, good!” after eating mashed plantains during the first United States invasion of the Dominican Republic. –Wikipedia 

Here’s my vegan version of a Dominican classic. 


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