Subscription Box Review: VeganCuts (April) 

VeganCuts is a monthly subscription beauty box for $22.95 a month. They offer a wide range of beautifully curated beauty items. They offer full to sample size products. I love that when I get the products I don’t have to research about the product. EVERYTHING is 100% vegan. This makes life so much easier. Also, if you love the products you can shop their store to purchase and keep enjoying. I’d like to add that VeganCuts offers a monthly snack box subscription. If you want to subscribed to either snack or beauty box click >H E R E<


I have a really elaborate and time extensive hair process. I have a love/hate relationship about adding new products into my life. But I’ve recently found that the hair product I’ve been using isn’t vegan. I was broken heated! I’m surviving! Anyway, I added this to my hair and I have mix review on it. This is suppose to prevent split ends and would require repeated application to see any real results. I didn’t see results on the split end of things. If you’ve tried this product let me know how it’s been going for you and how it’s been working with curly hair.

Pros: I love the products soft scent. It doesn’t take away from anything else that you’ve added to your hair. And I really enjoy how easily the product distributed throughout my hair.

Cons: I felt that it weighed down my hair a little bit. Or rather, it left it feeling a little greasy. Now, I will say that it could have been because my hair is not use to it and it would take some time. But, it just left my hair feeling a little bit off. I don’t like adding anything to it that will weigh down my curls. Because I am trying to restore my curl pattern I don’t want products that will interfere with the texture of my hair.

Overall: I wouln’t add this to my hair care line but I will continue to use it until I finish it. Hey, you never know, I just might change my mind.

With summer approaching quickly it’s important to think about skin health. And this came in just in time. I’ve been trying to research a vegan option for sunscreen and really couldn’t make my mind up. Now, this one is intended for the face and now the whole body. Which is okay since I’m mostly concerned with my face. I don’t often leave the rest of my skin exposed. I LOVE this product.

Here’s why:

  • Application was smooth and easy. It had a really thick consistency and applied heavily on the skin. Normally I wouldn’t like this but in a sunscreen I find it acceptable. You only need a small amount and it goes a long way. i would suggest using a light weight moisturizer underneath. Anything else would be to heavy.
  • It smells fantastic. It didn’t have that annoying almost medicinal sunscreen smell. It has this almost lemony earthy scent. Does that make sense? Well, that’s what it felt like to me.
  • I plan on purchasing. It’s been doing a great job at keeping my skin safe from the sun and I haven’t experienced any sun burns or sensitivity.

Nails polish. My reviews for them are usually really sort and pretty blah. I get my nails done at the nail salon and I get gel manicures. So, I can’t give a great review. Having said that, I tried the nail polish on my toe nails. So, here’s 3 things i liked:

  1. The color is beautiful So much so that I tried to get the same color for my gel manicure. They didn’t have it.
  2. It applied nicely. You only need one nice coat.
  3. Goodbye chemicals. I loved the fact that it’s not loaded with so many chemicals. That’s always a plus.

This was definitely an interesting product to try. It looked like a soap but at the texture of raw Oates and the application of oil. I know, that’s a whole lot of everything. I just don’t know how else to describe it. Anyway! 🙂 I was only able to use it once because of its size. I didn’t hate the experience but I also didn’t like it. It was thick and greasy. Not a bad greasy! It was so thick. I didn’t like the feel  afterwards. It made my skin feel like I had a layer of oil on it. Like those commercials of ducks plastered with black oil. Well, that’s how I felt. I do like my skin to be moisturized but I don’t know if that’s what was happening with me. It just made me feel blah. I left it on and it didn’t get better with time. It just maintained it’s feeling. I would buy this. At least not for myself. This might be good for someone that suffers from really dry skin. I don’t have that problem so it’s not a product that good for me. IT DOES smell really good though. Like chocolate cake. =)

I want to stay that when I first opened this and put the product in  my hand I instantly thought, “I’m going to hate this.”The color was ugly and it felt like straight up oil. It was not something that I wanted to put on. So, I let it sit there on my shelf for a while. I just kept staring at it and fought with it. The face serum won. 

I gave into it and tried it. And I was surprised. Although it didn’t have an appealing color and the textures was oily, it didn’t apply that way. I used a nickel size amount and it went a long way. It seeped right into my skin and didn’t leave a residue on. 
I already have my go to lip balm that I carry with me everywhere. I love trying new ones and I’m always on the look out for new brands that offer quality lip balms that taste, smell, and moisture lips well. So, of course I was extremely thrilled to try Eco Lips lip balms. Let’s break it down in the way that I judge lip balms. I look for taste, longevity, and protection.

* TASTE: I know this is a weird category. I order lip balms based on how I think they will take. I lick my lips. I don’t want some disgusting flavor in my mouth. It wasn’t bad. It was bearable. Nothing exciting.

* LONGEVITY: I tried the lip balm for a couple of days. I test lip balms by applying in the morning and then timing how long it takes for reapplication. In the course of my 9 hour work day I reapplied 5 times. That’s not so bad. I take into account that I lick my lips a lot. So, I think it last a decent amount of time.

* PROTECTION: I have really sensitive lips. Too much wind, sun, or other elements make my lips swollen. I need a lip balm that gives a thick layer of protection. This lip balm was okay on that. My lips felt protected in the first moments of application. After a while my lips still had product but it wasn’t enough.

Overall, it’s a pretty good lip balm. I’d recommend it for those that don’t have specific lip needs. I’ll still use it and would buy it compared to drugstore brands.

Deodorants are  an important hygiene essential. I’ve tried a few vegan options. And I’ve always returned back to my Secret deodorant. Here’s my issue that I always have with the vegan options I’ve tried. They do greAt at keeping the smell away. But the sweat? Not so much.


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