2016 NYC Vegetarian Food Festival 

Happy Friday my dear friends!! We all made it though another work week. I’m sure we all faced our challenges but we found the light at the other end. I’m excited to talk to you about an event I went to two weeks ago! The NYC Vegetarian Food Festival! It was an amazing and truly eye opening experience. 

This was the first time attending the event and no doubt I experienced a boat load of nervousness. I went by myself and felt lost for the first 30 minutes. I was overwhelmed by people, vendors, and noise. I didn’t know where to start. So, I just started talking to people and vendors. I had to shed my fear. I needed to find my way through this. I’m the only vegan within my family and friends so I knew that this was the only time I would be around so man like minded people! 

Once I let go of my fears I was able to feel an increase of positive vibes and joy. I saw how friendly everyone was and how welcoming people genuinely were. 

A room full of vegans. The future of a sustainable earth! 

I went to one the many talks given at the event! This one was the most eye opening. I never really realized how your body reacts to the toxicity that is found in meat. Dr. Michelle McMacken gave the most powerful talk. And one thing that I was that a planet based diet can heal your body. With so much modern medicine around and so many advances in technology, we can go to the basics and reset our bodies. 

Let’s talk food! The amount of food was insane. Vegans love food! That’s one thing I truly learned. And it makes sense. We are restricted by rules and ideas of what’s acceptable to eat. We are freed by our choice to become vegans. Our lives are truly free from sadness and guilt. Because of this we can explore new foods and have a better relationship with food. Well, at least this has been my experience. My life has improved so much since becoming vegan. It’s been an emotional roller coaster of good emotions. 

I’ve been dying to eat Indian food. So, when I saw this vendor sampling out food I had to grab it! Now,  it was interesting. The flavors were something that I wasn’t use to and it left me feeling a little shocked. I’d definitely try Indian food again. 

Give me cheese and I’ll be happy! 

Did someone say sushi? 🙂 

Picked up a lot of treats, beauty products, and information. Some were samples given by vendors and others I bought! 

While leaving the festival this is exactly how I felt. And how true is it! 

Vendors I visited: 

  1. Säpp Birch Water
  2. DF Mavens
  3. Surya Brasil 
  4. The Fanciful Fox
  5. Pony Cakes
  6. The Regal Vegan
  7. Mo Pweeze Bakery
  8. Peace Place For Kids
  9. Go Avo
  10. Follow Your Heart
  11. Lundberg
  12. Beyond Sushi 
  13. Plant Fusion
  14. Raval’s Indian Vegan Catering
  15. Canopy Verde
  16. The Tea of Life
  17. Pure Genius
  18. Cedar’s
  19. Freakin’ Vegan 
  20. Fresh&co
  21. Perky
  22. VeganMashupTv
  23. Raw Food Art
  24. Pan Vegan
  25. Green Mustache
  26. Wills
  27. 100% Pure
  28. PETA
  29. Institute of Culinary Education  

Have a great Friday night! I’ll be posting a review tomorrow. Kind of been slacking on posting my beauty box reviews! 


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