Subscription Box Review: Petit Vour (April) 

Petit Voue is a monthly beauty subscription box that’s available for $15 a month. What makes this beauty subscription box even better is that its VEGAN! Anything vegan is instantly a winning item over popular brands and products. Below you’ll find my thoughts about April’s box. 

100% PURE Fruit Pigmented Satin Eye Shadow | $25  I have nothing but great things to say! I’ve never been so excited about eyeshadow than now. First, the color is beautiful. It’s a rose gold color with gorgeous glittering specks of light. You can wear it alone or as a a layering pierce. Either way, the coloring will only enhance any look your have. Second, it last such a long time. I applied it early in the day and by night it was still on. There weren’t any creases. Third, if you’re wearing it as stand along color, which I did, you don’t need a brush for application. I was able to apply the eyeshadow with finger. It rolled on smooth with no chunks or smearing. 

URSA MAJOR Fortifying Face Balm | $9.50 (Full Size, $36)  Facial creams aren’t really my area of expertise and I don’t use too many. My face can get oily pretty quick and I don’t like to add extra layers of moisturizers if I don’t have to. But this one was surprising. I thought since it was labeled as a balm that it would be oily and thick. It wasn’t the case. IT was very light and once applied penetrated right into the skin and didn’t leave any residue. I was surprised. Now, would this be something I would buy? hmm well, maybe. I already have a moisturizer that I love and use on a daily bases  But I would use this again and possibly purchase if I ran out and this was the only one around. 

JUARA Hand & Nail Balm | $2.50 (Full Size, $25) Can we talk about love feels like? Well, this is it. I really enjoyed using this hand balm. It left my hands feeling soft and left my cuticles looking like human hands. I like that because my cuticles tend to grow quick and I only get my nails done twice a month. So, I don’t like to keep cutting them and leaving the skin around my nails too thin. I find that a little bit of a thick cuticle makes your nails healthier and grows faster. I don’t know if there is any science behind that but thats been my experience. Juara makes this easy to use. It smells nice and keeps your hands moisturized for a long time. Even after I washed my hands I still felt my hands has lotion on my hand. KUMARI River Bath & Body Oil $8.50 (Full Size, $34) I’ve reviewed other body oils in the past post and I’ve commented about my absolute love for them. I LOVE BODY OILS! They are literally my favorite product to put on my skin. Now, I’ve always had this magical love affair with body oil and as an adult its only grown. Of course I was excited when I saw a body oil a sample product. My bottle is almost all gone. I use it every day. The reason I love body oils is because they really get into your skin. They mix your natural oils and gives you a unique scent that can’t be created somewhere else. This body oil was no different. It smells amazing and kept my skin super soft. And even after washing your hands and body you still have this underlining barrier that keeps dryness away. I 100% plan on buying this. 


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