Bombay Kitchen Dinner Review 

Happy Meatless Monday! Well, this post is a little different than what I post on a meatless Monday. I thought I’d spice things up for you. I went to the supermarket the other day looking for something to eat. I had a really long and stressful day at work. I didn’t want to come  home to start cooking. So, I walked aimlessly throughout the supermarket looking for something quick and easy. Enter the frozen section.

Now, I don’t like frozen food. I find them so salty and full of weird chemicals and products that leave me feeling odd about eating it. Either way, I tried it. I had some really high hopes! I’ve been obsessed about eating Indian food and I love trying new foods. Seeing this was like a sign. I picked it up.

Baingan bharta is a part of the national cuisines of IndiaPakistan, and Bangladesh. It is primarily a vegetarian dish that is prepared by mincing eggplant (baingan) that is grilled over charcoal or direct fire. –Wiki 

People. I wasn’t ready for this. Like, my mouth and I had  battle about this. My mouth won. We didn’t finish eating it. Here’s what I had  a problem with: seasoning. Now, I will say that I am not use to Indian seasoning and have limited to no experience with curry. I can’t tell you if it was too much or too little. It was just problematic overall. I know that we use seasoning to give our foods flavor but this was overpowering for me. I felt that I tasted more seasoning then eggplant. Even the “ginger garlic” rice was over powered by the eggplant flavoring. I tried to take a few bites. Maybe it was a taste I needed to get use to. Nope. I couldn’t do it. It was too much.

I would’t repurchase this. Actually, I probably would never eat it again. I would try other dishes from this company. I just think this particular dish was not for me. Have you guys tried different Indian dishes?


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