Cooking Vegan: Episode 2


Hey friends. We are half way through the work week and the weekend is fast approaching. I’m so excited for this weekend and the recipe I am going to be mixing up for episode 3. I had such a great time filling this episode. It ran a little longer than usual and in part its because we kept laughing.

I love Mexican food. It’s full of authentic Spanish flavors and amazing to eat. What makes tacos so great is that there isn’t a wrong way to do it. Now, I will say that the Mexican taco has it traditional ingredients and flavors but with everything in life, we can improvise. That’ what my friends and I did. I decided to include both a vegan and non-vegan version of this recipe so that non-vegans can try it as well. Or maybe get some ideas on how to add vegan ingredients into their food. My friends tried my vegan version and they liked it. I am not sure if its something they would always eat or purchase but I am proud of them for trying.

With out further a do:

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