The “Ideal” Vegan


When I made the decision to be vegan I knew that I was going to face a lot of hard decisions. I needed to decided how I was going to navigate my relationships, how i was going to represent myself, and if I was going to go full throttle or slowly ease into it. These were things that I knew had to be decided before I stared my first day into my journey. On day one of my veganism I knew that I was going FULL THROTTLE into it. I wanted to mental determined to make this part of me. And thats what I did. I mentally prepared myself to start this journey. But during my preparation I realized that this was going to be a full physical and spiritual transformation. I prayed about it and dived in head first.

I think part of my nervenouss came from fear on how I would respond to my family and friends. I wanted to make sure I had the “right” answers or at least informative ones. I didn’t want to look like some crazy radical that wasn’t informed. So, I as soon as i made the decision I looked to the internet for information. And boy did I find it it. Here’s some of the websites I’ve been using as references:




These are such some of the ones I’ve been looking into. There are so many blogs, Youtube channels, and books I’ve been reading. I think I’d need all the internet to contain it. But being vegan was something that I knew I wanted to do. And after looking into videos and reading blogs I quickly realized that “being vegan” didn’t have just one look. It was a whole community that looked, acted, and believed in different things but were centrally linked by the LOVE of animals.

I had to tear myself away from these ideas I had in my mind. All I needed to do was to keep in my end goal. I needed to believe in my new lifestyle and needed to keep away from these preconceived ideals.


Being vegan means being healthy. I don’t care what anyone tells me. If you consume a well balanced planet based diet then you will be at your best. You’re going to be the best version of yourself. Who doesn’t want to be healthy!!!!! And one of the very first questions my family asked me was, “how are you getting your protein?” I knew that I was going to be asked this question. That this was something I was going to have to face for the rest of my life. So, of course I had to “school” my family. I did’t get into too much detail because it wasn’t a question they really wanted answer. It was more of an opportunity for them to stump me and make me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing. Little did they know.


So, this has been a little portion of my journey. I still have a long history ahead of me. I welcome emails, comments, and links. I want to learn and grow in this journey. And I know that with other it will make easier. Lets be vegan friends!!!


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