Happy Sunday! It’s almost the start of a new week and I can’t wait to continue this journey. I have officially changed my blog name. From today on you will be able to find me at I’ve been working on a few things behind the scene but I am officially announce the blog address. … More

2016 Goals

The new year is fast approaching. Are you ready? I’ve been planning and researching for the big changes that are coming. Here are the main ones: I’m going vegan. Finally! I’ve always wanted to go vegan. So, in order to make the transition easier and more likely to succeed I started by going vegetarian. I … More 2016 Goals

Disappearing Act

Hello blog world. I’ve disappeared for some time. I promise it’s for a really good reason. I’ve been busy living this year to the fullest. I’m so happy with how this year has turned out. I have experienced so many new things and been to so many concerts. I wanted to use this blog as … More Disappearing Act


Sorry friends!!! I’ve been the worst blogger!! When was the last time I posted? Don’t look. It will make me feel worse then I do! Anyway, how has your summer been going?? I’m finding it hard to manage work, pets, responsibilities, and my outings. I need a better system!!! I have a lot to write … More Delays