Pacifica Obession 

When I first started my journey into Veganism I was apprehensive about transitioning my beauty products. I didn’t have any knowledge about vegan beauty brands and didn’t know where to look. It was a challenge I was up for. So, I drove to Ulta and tried desperately to look for vegan beauty products. To say … More Pacifica Obession 

Subscription Box Review: Birchbox (March) 

It’s time for March’s Birchbox subscription box review. I love Birchbox for two reason: 1. their boxes are beautiful. I haven’t seen another subscription box that offers such beautifully printed boxes. I’m saving all of them for a future project I have in mind. 2. They offer vegan products in their boxes. That’s always a … More Subscription Box Review: Birchbox (March) 

Fresh Spring Nails 

After a long day at work I love heading over to the nail salon and drowning out everything. I spend that hour zoning out and enjoying the smell of nail polish, glue, and wax. I’ve been obsessing over this color for such a long time. And since it’s been beautifully warm in New York I … More Fresh Spring Nails