The “Ideal” Vegan

When I made the decision to be vegan I knew that I was going to face a lot of hard decisions. I needed to decided how I was going to navigate my relationships, how i was going to represent myself, and if I was going to go full throttle or slowly ease into it. These … More The “Ideal” Vegan


Vitamins & Me 

Vitamins. I don’t like taking pills. I’ve never been one to easily pop pills and try things. But I noticed that my body needed an extra boost of fuel. So, a close friend of mine told me about this line of vitamins. Of course I said yes. She assured me that these two vitamins are … More Vitamins & Me 

Food Fact Friday

  All hail the mighty raspberry! 🙂 No, seriously… Raspberry is the most amazing fruit on the planet. I’m a little bias, it’s my favorite. But, I’m particular about how I like my raspberries. I don’t like things “flavored” like raspberries. For example, if I buy a lollipop it can’t be raspberry flavored. I think it’s … More Food Fact Friday

Food Fact Friday 

All hail the mighty and delicious avocado! Growing up in a Spanish home you couldn’t turn around without finding an avocado. I’ve been eating it since I was fresh out of my mom’s stomach. Having always been around avocado I’ve never thought about the health benefits they offer. It’s been that yummy green pile of … More Food Fact Friday 

Food Fact Friday 

   The facts don’t lie. It’s important to nourish your body with the proper fuel to keep it healthy & moving. I’ve never given much thought about the quality of the calories I intake. Since changing my lifestyle I’ve noticed a big difference in the amount and quality of food I introduced in my life. … More Food Fact Friday 

Essential Oils 

  What are essential oils?  Essential oils are tiny pockets of fragrance that are made inside and stored in sacs in leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, and twigs. These essential oils give plants their perfumes. These oils aren’t just a way for flowers to make the earth smell good, they offer plants protection from bacteria and fungi. … More Essential Oils 

Vegetable Paella

pa·el·la: a Spanish dish made up of rice, chicken, & seafood and is served in a pan. I’ve never been a big fan of paella’s. The texture of rice and seafood doesn’t sit to well with me. And it’s not from a lack of trying. I’ve tried my best to push through the texture and … More Vegetable Paella