Vegan in the City

I love visiting the museum. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday. I recently went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art  to view some of their American art. I’ve never visited the American wing before so it was interesting to see a “modern” section. It was truly captivating. The images I saw really brought … More Vegan in the City

Vegetable Paella

pa·el·la: a Spanish dish made up of rice, chicken, & seafood and is served in a pan. I’ve never been a big fan of paella’s. The texture of rice and seafood doesn’t sit to well with me. And it’s not from a lack of trying. I’ve tried my best to push through the texture and … More Vegetable Paella


Sorry friends!!! I’ve been the worst blogger!! When was the last time I posted? Don’t look. It will make me feel worse then I do! Anyway, how has your summer been going?? I’m finding it hard to manage work, pets, responsibilities, and my outings. I need a better system!!! I have a lot to write … More Delays