VeganLife: Sri Lanka

Sorry friends for being missing. Grad school has been kicking my ass! I’m trying so hard to balance out my life. I have a video for you today. =) My mother complains that I difficult when we go out to eat. She struggles because she feels I’m struggling. Which I’m not. But she’s being like … More VeganLife: Sri Lanka


VegFest NYC 

I don’t normally post on a Thursday but I wanted to inquire about something really quick.  I’m heading over to my first VegFest this weekend. Sadly, I’m going alone. I’m only sad because I won’t have a familiar face to share with me the experience. I am excited about meeting new people and learning new … More VegFest NYC 

Food Fact Friday

  All hail the mighty raspberry! 🙂 No, seriously… Raspberry is the most amazing fruit on the planet. I’m a little bias, it’s my favorite. But, I’m particular about how I like my raspberries. I don’t like things “flavored” like raspberries. For example, if I buy a lollipop it can’t be raspberry flavored. I think it’s … More Food Fact Friday

Food Fact Friday 

All hail the mighty and delicious avocado! Growing up in a Spanish home you couldn’t turn around without finding an avocado. I’ve been eating it since I was fresh out of my mom’s stomach. Having always been around avocado I’ve never thought about the health benefits they offer. It’s been that yummy green pile of … More Food Fact Friday