2016 NYC Vegetarian Food Festival 

Happy Friday my dear friends!! We all made it though another work week. I’m sure we all faced our challenges but we found the light at the other end. I’m excited to talk to you about an event I went to two weeks ago! The NYC Vegetarian Food Festival! It was an amazing and truly … More 2016 NYC Vegetarian Food Festival 


VegFest NYC 

I don’t normally post on a Thursday but I wanted to inquire about something really quick.  I’m heading over to my first VegFest this weekend. Sadly, I’m going alone. I’m only sad because I won’t have a familiar face to share with me the experience. I am excited about meeting new people and learning new … More VegFest NYC 

Vegan in the City

I love visiting the museum. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday. I recently went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art  to view some of their American art. I’ve never visited the American wing before so it was interesting to see a “modern” section. It was truly captivating. The images I saw really brought … More Vegan in the City

Welome =)

Hello new friends!!!! So, I’ve decided to start a small blog for myself. I wanted a space where I can talk about my adventures, share pictures, locations, and stories with people. I’ve always had a need to share my experiences with other people. Here is a little bit about me: late 20’s New York City … More Welome =)