Documentaries To Watch

When I made the decision to transition into a vegan lifestyle I knew I needed information. I needed to know the back stories, the ins and outs of this world. I needed to know what to expect diving in. And boy did I get my mind enlightened! 

What I love about documentaries is that it’s raw information. It’s not about box offices numbers or major stars. The content within documentaries are real and are made to inform. These are the three that I’ve watched at the start of my journey. And of course instantly I needed to inform all of my family. I’m not  allowed to conduct family meetings anymore. 

I’m always on the look our for more documentaries to watch. Have you guys watched any good ones? Please, I want to be informed  not traumatized by graphic material. I know that these animals are suffering and it plays a large role in my decision. I hate watching animals suffer. I can’t emotionally handle things like that. 


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