Louisiana meets Staten Island [5/22/15]

1072 Bay St, Staten Island, NY 10305 Telephone (718) 273-4383

I recently went to a fabulous restaurant with some girlfriends of mine as a girls night adventure. I will have to admit that I was little bit nervous about trying Cajun food. They are known for spicy food and my stomach isn’t young anymore. But with the will power of a hundred horse and the hunger of a half crazed racoon and stepped into the restaurant and prepared myself for a new adventure. And what an adventure it was. The restaurant was on the smaller side, maybe 12-14 tables with one bar with about 5-6 stools. The decor was beautiful and really brought to life Louisiana or at least the image I created of what Louisiana looks like. The hostess was pleasant and greeted us with a warm smile. We were seated quickly (Approx. 15 minutes). Our server gave us the privacy we needed to enjoy our conversation but always made sure we had everything we needed. We enjoyed and dimly lit room, slightly higher than the rest of the restaurant.

I was surprised that I loved the lamb. I have only eaten lamb inside a Gyro.I would return just to eat it if nothing else. On this visit I didn’t have any alcoholic beverages so I wouldn’t be able to tell you if it’s worth it. My friend had the sangria and said it was good. So, we can go with that. I trust that she would give an honest opinion. Another thing that I liked about this particular outing is the neighborhood. It’s an up and coming neighborhood and new restaurants and shops are starting to pop up.

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